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American wedding – Maison des polytechniciens

This adorable couple, who came straight from Florida, decided to unite in Paris, in December, at the Maison des Polytechniciens with the precious help of the Mon Plus Beau Jour (wwedding planner agency). The wedding preparations as well as the First Pictures took place in the 5th arrondissement, then we went to Pont Bir-Hakeim where the setting sun was waiting for us. And it was a nice surprise to see Paris with so much charm in the middle of winter ! 🙂 The ceremony took place in a magnificent living room decorated with elegance – white roses and candles, for a chic atmosphere. The dinner, with many strong moments and moving and sincere speeches, took place in the white room, which was decorated in powder pink with a touch of gold. The cake was made by the talented Synie’s.

Jasmine & Anthony – Thank you for your kindness and your trust in my work 🙂

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     American wedding in Paris – Maison des polytechniciens American wedding in Paris organised by Mon Plus Beau jour and photographed by Iwona Paczek (Mon Conte de Fées). Winter wedding in a sunny and delightful Paris. Wedding photographer basded in Paris offers beautiful photographs for your special moments. Member of WPJA and Best of Wedding Photography. Fine art photography, white and black moments captured witht sensitivity and profesionnal eye. Emotionnal wedding In Ecole des Polytechniciens in his wonderful parisian salons. Journalistic approach for fresh and out of time pictures. Pastel colors and tru black and white contrast. Photographie contemporaine et poétique à la fois. American wedding in Paris Maison des polytechniciensSi vous chercher un  photographe pour des photos pleines de vie et de spontanéité, n’hésitez pas à me contacter. Bouquet de mariée pastel. Séance romantique dans Paris. Mariage à la Maison des polytechniciens à Paris.